MLRAM Monitors Your Predictive Model Accuracy and ROI

MLRAM monitors the ongoing accuracy of your predictive models realtime. It notifies you of reduced accuracy, significant changes in data or target values and automatically retrains your model. All of this integrating with any machine learning platform, and your application, in one line of code! MLRAM is the only product that automatically translates your model accuracy into business value and ROI.

The First Product for Predictive Model Accuracy and ROI Computation

Visualize Model Drift

Examine concept drift as changes in target actual values vs. predicted values at different levels of granularity.

Monitor Performance

Visualize the performance of your model while it is being consumed in real-time.

Calculate ROI

User configured form for revenue and investment of each event computes ROI for your predictive model automatically, saving hundreds of lines of code.

Pricing Plans

Free Trial

Up to 100 predictions versus actuals per month.



Up to 1000 predictions versus actuals per month.



Up to 10000 predictions versus actuals per month.



For custom pricing please connect with one of our representatives.
All plans include up to 6 months of predictions versus actuals storage. Have questions or special requirements?
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