About Us

The Vision and Team Behind Auger

Auger.AI was started by a team of data scientists and engineers who saw the need for an Automated Machine Learning tool that provided high accuracy, and an open API to allow seamless integration of AutoML into other applications.

Leadership Team


Adam Blum has been VPE/CEO/co-founder of several successful startups. He has also been a professor at UC Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon University and published what may be the first applied machine learning book (Neural Networks in C++) an embarrassing quarter-century ago.

VP Business Development

Steven Lund has over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development with Cisco, Apple Computer, and HP. He has funded and launched four technology companies. TEDx speaker on AI and Machine Learning.

Board of Directors

Hal Berenson

(Co-founder, CPO, Astound)

I mostly build database management software (DBMS-20, DEC Rdb, Microsoft SQL Server, AmazonRDS, and Aurora). Sometimes as an engineer, sometimes as a manager, often as both. Two things I repeatedly fail at are running from databases and retiring.

Lila Tretikov

Lila Tretikov Corporate Vice President, AI Perception and Mixed Reality. Former chief executive, Wikipedia. Former VP of Engineering, SugarCRM.

Dan Turchin

(Co-founder, CPO, Astound)

Entrepreneurial technology leader passionate about building great teams that build great products that solve hard problems that change lives. Every once in a while magic bytes disrupt, transform, and inspire. I want a front row seat whenever they do.