Auger.AI Cloud Launches!

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We are very excited to announce the launch of Auger.AI Cloud!  Auger.AI Cloud is a fully hosted service eliminating the additional costs of paying for your own Amazon Web Services account. Only pay for what you use: choose the level of worker hours, storage, and numbers of users that you need to run your prediction experiments. The Developer plan provides ten training worker hours and 10GB of storage. The Business plan provides fifty training worker hours, more users, and more storage in our enterprise-focused product. We charge you $0.10 a minute for exceeding these limits. This pricing is a fraction of other AutoML services.  

Until now we offered a free service that used your own Amazon Web Services account’s resources. Existing AWS On Premises users will be SHUT OFF as of June 30th. This option is now known as the “AWS On Premises ”, contact sales for details if you need this option or if you want to continue your usage.

With Auger Cloud, you can now sign up for a free two week trial with your credit card. We then handle all the necessary compute resources for you.

Auger.AI Cloud offers users the ability to:  

  • Run automated machine learning experiments to find the best model in minutes
  • Upload your data or connect to existing datasources
  • Train thousands of models in parallel running the latest machine learning algorithms
  • Deploy models locally or as free (rate-limited) prediction web services on our cloud

If you are ready to try Auger.AI Cloud, please sign up here. If you need to discuss your implementation needs in more detail, please contact sales who will help you set up your installation.

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