Auger.AI Machine Learning Services

PhD Level Math and Data Science Consulting Team

Data generated by users and business grows exponentially.  Data by itself has no measurable business value unless we apply advanced analytics techniques, modern computer technologies, and domain expertise to yield profitable insights.

AutoML and other advanced ML & AI systems allow dramatically lower threshold to businesses and SW developers who wants to implement data driven systems. However, transition could be much easier and simpler with experts in the fields of ML/AI/Data Science and Engineering.       

 Our firm offers math and data science consulting services that are empowering businesses and organizations like yours with advanced use of your data, data analytics and data science R&D. Our team of data science consultants consist of PhD level mathematics and seasoned data engineers can help you to solve your most challenging issues

Subject Matter Expertise

Our advanced analytics math and data science consulting partnerships focus on the following areas with many proof points in each:

  • Machine learning:

    • AutoML

    • Neural Architecture Search (NAS)

    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Reinforcement Learning (RL)

  • Predictive modeling

  • Advanced statistical analysis and data mining

  • Optimization (linear programming inventory optimization, logistics, transportation)

  • Vertical application of machine learning

    • Medical and health applications of ML & AI 

    • Financial and banking 

    • Advertising and web site optimization

  • Unstructured Data Management and complex data integration of large datasets

Our team members have won gold medals in number of Kaggle competitions: Elo Merchant, Freesound, Jigsaw Toxic Classification. We have also received silver of silver medals (for example: Home credit, Santander - banking, finance, fraud detection) and bronze medals.

Why You Should Work With the Auger Data Science Team

Detailed Knowledge of Applying The Auger AutoML Tool 

Our team of data scientists are well qualified to add algorithms to those provided by Auger (in fact they tuned and developed the algorithms behind Auger's optimizer). By working closely with customers, our data science consultants are able to directly impact Auger's future direction, resulting in even greater accuracy from the world's most accurate AutoML.

Mathematicians Not Just Data Scientists

The data science consulting industry is getting crowded. Most practicing data scientists do not have a graduate level background in formal mathematical techniques.  By contrast, Auger’s data scientists are mathematicians.  Auger’s AutoML technology is for solving difficult problems: making predictive models better. For difficult problems a mathematical background is helpful.  

Experience with Broad Range of Data Science Techniques

Even if not machine learning-related Auger’s data science team can help solve a broad range of difficult problems.  If a new deep learning architecture is called for, our data science can craft and tune it.  If a reinforcement learning project is called for to effect an actionable strategy, we have a framework to do such RL projects. 

Experts in Predictive Models to Replace Business Logic

Most enterprise applications sort “business objects” (customers, contacts, accounts, devices, vehicles, field service incidents, trouble tickets, patients) according to “business rules”. These order objects according to a hard-coded logic and can be replaced by predictive models with better results.  Cascades of if-then-else statements and switch-case statements can also be replaced by predictive models.  Auger and our data science team enable “AI to Eat Software”.

The Goal Is Knowledge Transfer Not Long Term Engagement

Other AutoML vendors are clearly focused on selling their consultancy services.  Our goal is to transfer knowledge and make your data scientists and developers successful with the Auger product and data scientists in general.  

Contact us to learn how our advanced math and data science consultants can help you improve your company’s progress and profitability.