Auger’s New Demo Mode

Sample Datasets to Try with No AWS Credentials

Auger.AI is a free service which automates running multiple trials with your Amazon Web Services account to find the best machine learning model for your dataset. For those of you who just want to try Auger without using your AWS we have now introduced “demo mode”. Just set up a new project. If your organization doesn’t have AWS credentials set up to performing training, you will see a number of demonstration experiments available.


You can choose any of these to perform training runs on without having supplied AWS. If you choose the Credit Ratings experiment (based on the Kaggle contest Credit-G dataset), you will see the following model:


Click Run and you will quickly see a Leaderboard of high accuracy classification results with various algorithms.


We hope this gives you an idea of how Auger works and you move on to training your own datasets with your own AWS account. For details on how to do this see “Configuring AWS With Auger”.

WebRealizer - Bruno Steiger