Manage Credit Risk

Automated machine learning has great potential to limit risk for banks and financial institutions, allowing for better management of capital resources while more effectively complying with the myriad regulations imposed on the industry.

Auger makes it easy to increase prediction accuracy without painstaking model selection and configuration, allowing your data science team to get better results faster.

  • Consumer/Business Credit Analysis - Analyze a variety of data to more accurately determine whether a person or business will default on a loan, pay a loan off early, or habitually pay late.

  • Credit Risk Management - Comply with Basel Accord - and other - regulations regarding exposure to capital risk, market risk, and operational risk.

  • Model Risk Management - Poor or inaccurate model risk management exposes an organization to not only financial losses but regulatory penalties as well.

  • Expected and Unexpected Loss - Accurately modeling expected and unexpected losses allows financial resources to be better allocated, resulting in a stronger, more flexible financial position.



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