Auger AI - The Power Tool For Machine Learning

Faster More Accurate Predictions

Auger’s Automated Machine Learning manages your cloud services to run multiple trials, searching for the best algorithm and hyperparameters for your prediction and classification problem.

It offers the most algorithms and fastest search of any automated machine learning tool - all inside an easy to use model manager.

How the Auger Automated Machine Learning process works:



Amazon Advanced Technology Partner

We are part of Amazon's Advanced Technology Partner program which validates products that use the Amazon Web Services infrastructure. Amazon also checks with multiple users of the product to insure that those users also make appropriate use of Amazon Web services.

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“With Auger.AI, we have finally found a partner that can deliver everything autoML has promised but struggled to deliver for years.  With it, we have an easily developed, highly capable, and low cost way of delivering world-class results.  This will become a significant differentiator and advantage for us in the marketplace.”

Burke Powers | Founder & Managing Director RevealWhy

"I used to painstakingly build linear regression models to estimate performance. Auger.AI picks more advanced algorithms and tunes their hyperparameters, letting me focus on being a true analyst"

Peter Rabover | CEO and Founder | Artko Capital


"Predicting demand and supply for contingent employees is a key success factor for our labor marketplace business. Auger.AI built accurate models for us within hours, allowing our developers to focus on the core product, and not on choosing models and hand-tuning them, something we could have spent months doing.”

Ramneek Bhasin | Cofounder & President


"At YTZ we had tried many algorithms and hyperparameters to try to get acceptable accuracy in our machine learning project.  Auger’s smart search allowed us to quickly find the best predictive model for our data. That combined with the ability to affordably scale up and down our cluster to meet the needs of our data size make Auger an integral part of our machine learning process."

Devin Holmberg, CEO.

“For SigParser we had used a regressor model to find email signature patterns in email bodies. Without Auger the best we managed to achieve was R2 of 0.72 with manual tuning and months of effort. Within an hour of signing up for Auger, it had discovered a better model and tuned hyperparameters to achieve a 0.87 R2. That is a huge improvement! Auger will now be an essential part of our model development process.”

Paul Mendoza | CEO/Founder



"Monetize Solutions uses machine learning models to predict user response (clicks and conversions). While our models are quite accurate, Auger.AI improved accuracy through its fast and exhaustive search of algorithms and hyperparameters."

Brian Moore | Sr. Architect and Monetization Engineer


"Frida.AI uses machine learning to optimize conversions and site usage for our website customers. While we are experts in machine learning its quite time consuming to select and tune our predictive models. Auger.AI selected and tuned the best predictive algorithm something which used to take us months to do. "

Mike Nunez | CEO.